Our Services

The Company’s core competence include the rendition Integrated Building & Civil Engineering works, nd Engineering Consultancy services

The projects undertaken for our clients can be categorized as follows:

  • a. Consultancy in various Engineering field
  • b. Road & Engineering Design
  • c. Civil works construction
  • d. Structural Engineering Design
  • e. Dredging
  • f. Drilling
  • g. Building
  • h. Technical Site
  • i. Soil Investigations
  • j. Preparation of site drawing
  • k. Office Complex Design & Architectural
  • l. Electrical Works
  • m. Oil & Gas, offshore exploration
  • n. Property & Estate Management
  • o. General Contract

    Project Management

    The invoicing clerk will have full visibility of open Pos and project completion dates. The Documentation Controller reporting to the Operation Director will ensure all required completion certificates and other receivables are collated. One all items are in place the invoicing clerk will be instructed to invoice for the appropriate percentage of the PO value.

    Moving forward beyond the billing phase would look to develop an end to end engineering process to mange the site deployment. Delko Holdings Nig Ltd recognizes the need to have key resources focused. Key to the success is to have open line of communication at all levels of the organization both internally and between the two companies.

    Given the relatively short mobilization period, the existing management team will be responsible for the initial mobilization effort whilst we look to grow to meet potential future demand.

    Concrete Works

    Concrete works plays a vital role in the life span of building, road projects, box culvert, bridges and drainage; we therefore have special passion for quality and durability for all concrete works and every project that has to with construction.

    Our Endeavour in building civil engineering works are as follows.

    • Site Preparation, setting out and excavation
    • Earthing and Dredging
    • Foundation work (raft, pad/column, pile caps)
    • Access roads
    • Site fencing (block wall or palisade)
    • Plinths (Shelter, generator, tank, transformer)
    • Guard house construction
    • Retaining wall
    • Granite apron and Ramp, etc
    • Dam and irrigation projects

    Civil Works

    We have in our employ highly experienced Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer & Builders with over 15 years experience in road and concrete work backed by state – of – the – art equipment. We are able to develop both surface and underground water sources to meet the specific needs of our clients. Ranging from mini water supply schemes to large urban water supply project, Delko Holdings Nig Ltd is able to meet your water needs. Our endeavor includes:

  • Execution of Engineering Consultancy Service
  • Highway Construction
  • Water Engineering
  • Building Construction
  • Our professionals with over 15years in the design and construction of building project all over the country ranging form residential and industrial building are always available to meet specific needs of our clients.


    Surveying plays a vital role in Road Construction, building, land reclamation, dredging, environmental landscaping, including water resources management and maintenance.

    In our employment we have qualified quantity surveyors who had spanned over 12 years and above in the field of quantity survey the responsibility of this professional is to make sure that the construction is incline with the land usage out of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and accurate measurement and structure is provided for all Engineering drawing and mapping regulation.

    He also study, advise and provide solution in assisting all various designs provided by our clients.


    Our team of experience electrical engineers and electricians are proficient in:

    Earthing System: he experiences electrical crew will ensure that various equipment constructed works in regulations with the manufacturer’s manual in order that the systems is operating at its best according to manufacturer setting and regulations. In addition, during installation process they will provide superior protection of all gadgets from damage via lightning and electrical surge by connecting all earthen connectors for durability and safety of live and properties.

    Construction of power – line extensions including final termination at equipment building main disconnects. This includes coordination with NEPA for inspections, connection and transformer installations.
    Installation of tower obstruction lighting system and aircraft warning lights.
    Installation and testing.

    Highway Design amd Engineering

    Delko Holdings Nig Ltd is proud to have participated in the design and construction of various highway projects in Nigeria. Delko Holdings Nig Ltd will focus its distinctive competence and channel its corporate expertise in the following core areas:

    1. Carrying out of feasibility studies and engineering design of road project
    2. Design and Construction of Road and Bridges
    3. Specialized Marine service

    We are able to develop both surfaces dressing to meet the specific needs of our client. Ranging from highway to urban dualization and rural road projects, Delko Holdings Nig Ltd is able to meet all the citizenry and corporate organization and Government Agencies.

    Building Construction

    We also offer service in building construction industry. From project conception to design an actual construction Delko Holdings Nig Ltd is the reference in the industry. Our highly experience architects, builders, quantity surveyors and other allied professionals all of whom are actual experiences individually and collectively spanning over 15years in design and construction of various building project all over the Country ranging from residential quarters, industrial buildings, public buildings etc.

    They are always available to meet whatever challenge our clients has for us. We also possess cutting edge technology in for of design software in AutoCAD, home architect 3D etc.