Welcome to DELKO Holdings

Delko Holdings Nig. Ltd is poised to serve its clients with professional expertise and the highest fiduciary standards in order to achieve maximum benefits to its various stakeholders within the Building and Civil Engineering and Engineering Consultancy Services while remaining responsible corporate and environmentally conscious company to the host communities.

Delko Holdings Nig Ltd was incorporated with the primary objective of contributing to the development and support of the rapid industrialization of Nigeria through the provision of technical expertise and procurement services using it engineering, management resources and experience. We carry on business in the field of Engineering consultancy Services, Road Construction, building, production in the Oil and Gas industry, as well as providing technical services in the area of developing and maintenance of facilities


Civil Works

• Execution of Engineering Consultancy Service • Highway Construction • Water Engineering • Building Construction

Concrete Works

Concrete works plays a vital role in the life span of building, road projects, box culvert, bridges and drainage; we therefore have special passion for quality and durability for all concrete works and every project that has to with construction.


Surveying plays a vital role in Road Construction, building, land reclamation, dredging, environmental landscaping, including water resources management and maintenance.


In the pursuit of the company philosophy, we remain focused and have recorded distinctive competence based on the synergies effect of the following strengths:

  •  Sophisticated Equipment
  •  Total professionalism
  •  High technology
  •  High Ethical Standard
  •  Empathy for the Environment and its peoples
  • Delko Holdings Nig Ltd is an indigenous company wholly owned by Nigerian, though we have foreign technical partners which we work with if the need arises, upon commencement of business the following has been our track records:

  • 1.A track record of delivering cost effective project to our clients.
  • 2.Strategic acquisitions to strengthen our Project Management and Delivery portfolio.
  • 3.Unparalleled Quality & safety record
  • 4.Availability of experienced and highly skilled in-house resources that can be supplemented by short term hires, contract staff or new recruits as required, that we use to deliver our services.
  • 5.Strong and untainted record performance within the consultancy industry, building & civil Engineering works having undertaken wide range of contracts.
  • 6.Completion of Projects.
  • We're the BEST Ever!!

    Delko Holdings Nigeria Limited was Incorporated as a limited Liability Company on 4th of April 1990. The Company’s core competence include the rendition Integrated Building & Civil Engineering works, nd Engineering Consultancy services