Delko Holdings Nig Ltd policy has been formulated to meet the
CASHES requirements of our clients. All operation shall be planned and executed in such a manner to ensure the health, safety and security of all our employees, client’s representatives and sub-contractor personnel are safeguarded. The CASHES policy also takes into account environmental concerns and the investigation and maintaining good relation with the principal host communities. The implementation of this CASHES policy is the responsibility of line management. Employees have a duty to take reasonable care of their own safety and the safety of other workers who may be affected by their activities.
Implementation of the CASHES policy means that:

  • CASHES is considered as a personal responsibility of all Delko Holdings Nig Ltd employees.
  • Maximization of loss prevention or loss arising from accidents and the preservation of the integrity and security of Delko Holdings Nig Ltd and client assets.
  • Maintain good relationships with host community, while ensuring sensitivity to the needs and concerns of the Community.
  • Hazards associated with activities are highlighted and safety measures to eliminate these are implemented.
  • The CASHES Policy is made as an inseparable part of the overall business management targets of Delko Holdings Nig Ltd.
  • Statutory regulations are obeyed.
  • Health, Safety and Security of Delko Holdings Nig Ltd employees, client Personnel and members of the public and any other persons connected with its activities are ensured at all time.
  • Environmental pollution is minimized during our activities.